Rita Wilson – Joy, a Podcast Hosted by Craig Ferguson

Listen to Craig & Rita talk about religion, Rita’s family history and […]

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Outgrowing Hollywood: Rita Wilson Is Taking On New Passion Projects | Success

By Alison Bonaguro “You name it, Rita Wilson’s done it. And she’s […]

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How Rita Wilson created a uniquely Greek celebration anthem for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 | Entertainment Weekly
When it comes to the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise, everything [...]
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Rita’s inclusion in Vogue’s Oral History of Mamma Mia! | VOGUE
Rita Wilson, executive producer: Tom was filming in London and I remember [...]
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“OLI MAZI (We Are All Together)” Interview | American Songwriter
Oli Mazi (όλοι μαζί , or óloi mazí), means “all together” in [...]
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Performance at the White House in Celebration of Greek Independence Day
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden — surrounded by Greek-American politicians and [...]
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A2IM’s Indie Libera Awards – Best Self-Released Record Nomination (Rita Wilson Now & Forever: Duets (Sing it Loud)
Click here for the Libera Awards 2023 nominations list on Billboard.com
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Rita Wilson Creates Conversational ‘Duets’ | Relix
Dean Budnick on February 14, 2023 “I have such reverence for these [...]
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