Rita Wilson Wants Everyone To Enjoy Her ‘Girls Night In’

Girlfriends! What would we do without them? Is there any substitute for being with your girlfriends, laughing and having a good time without the worry of being judged? My new song and video, to “Girls Night In,” were inspired by that very feeling.

I wanted to capture the joy and glee I experience when I have my girlfriends over and there is complete abandon in our time together. To me, girlfriends are about acceptance for who we are, no judgment, and being appreciative of each girlfriends’ qualities and gifts. I have had such joy when one of my friends gets along with another, and they become friends. It’s like the circle of love just gets bigger and grows.

Many years ago I threw a party for my girlfriends. I asked them to come prepared to dance. I wanted to learn how to do some…


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