Closer Weekly / Julia Roberts Jokingly Calls Tom Hanks ‘Super Hot’ Right in Front of Rita Wilson: ‘Now Everybody Knows’

By Joyann Jeffrey

When Julia Roberts attended Rita Wilson‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Friday, March 29, she raved about everything she loves about her friend — including her “super hot” husband, Tom Hanks!

“I have been lucky enough to know her long enough to learn things that we have in common: devotion to our mothers, endless joy of our families, super hot husbands,” Julia, 51, gushed before turning to Tom, 62. “Yeah, ‘super hot,’ Tom. Yeah, I said it. Now everybody knows.”

Julia quickly laughed before continuing with her speech. “Rita is truly a one-woman superpower,” she added. “From The Brady Bunch and Three’s Company, to fabulous movies galore, to eclipsing all of that with her incredible talent as a singer-songwriter, thrilling us with even more depth and truth and talent. It’s incredible. Rita is truly one in a million.”

During the ceremony, Julia joked that she wrote around “five or six pages” about her Runaway Bride costar. “I could not be more thrilled and proud to see my friend Rita Wilson receive the 2,659th star on Hollywood Boulevard,” Julia noted. “She is her true self and I could tell lots of stories and make many jokes, but all that cleverness falls away at the chance to just express how utterly I love and admire you.”

Rita, 62, felt so lucky to have Julia attend the ceremony that she gave her longtime friend a sweet shout-out when it was her turn to take the podium.

“Thank you, Julia,” Rita said — later talking about her family’s connection to Hollywood. “I am very honored that you’re here and that you spoke so beautifully. Thank you. Thank you to my husband, Tom. I love that we are joined by the length of our family’s hands, from your star to mine, that connect us always.”

We think Julia referring to Rita as “OG Hollywood royalty” is the perfect way to put it. Congrats!


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