Parade | The Best Moments from Stagecoach 2019, the Country Music Festival of the Year

Stagecoach First-Timers Fit Right In

Actress/music artist Rita Wilson was well received performing her blend of SoCal-rock-meets-country from her fourth studio album, Halfway to Home, clearly having a great time on stage as actor-husband Tom Hanks watched on from the audience—unsuccessfully trying to let Wilson have the spotlight and blend in, sporting a scruffy grey beard, straw hat and dark glasses.

Friends and family members were there to cheer Wilson in the supportive audience—a small one that we suspect will grow thanks to her powerful melodies, and poignant lyrics and stage banter that particularly hit home to women. “Size 00? That’s not even a number let alone a dress size!” she exclaimed to much clapping and laughter, including from youngest son Truman Theodore Hanks, 23, who rocked out on the shoulders of a friend, grinning and mouthing ‘I love you, Mom!’ as Wilson shared with us after her successful performance. (See ‘Rita Wilson’s Successful Crossover from Actress to SoCal Rock/Country Music Artist’).

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