Today | The $6 mascara Rita Wilson thinks is just as good as designer brands

By Courtney Gisriel

Whether she’s rocking out on stage or celebrating her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rita Wilson always looks amazing.

That’s in part because of the star’s megawatt smile — and her grin always seems biggest when she’s talking about her music. The actress-turned-musician released her fourth album, “Halfway to Home,” in March.

“Every time you have an album out, you’re so excited,” Wilson told TODAY. “You’ve been living with it for a while so once it actually comes out it’s like Christmas morning.”

“I just love doing it,” Wilson continued. “There’s always something to say and there’s always something worth exploring … So I’ll keep doing it. There will be more after this.”

Seeing Wilson embrace this new rockstar lifestyle, we have to admit she’s never looked better! During a recent stop at TODAY, we sat down with the star to ask for some of her tried-and-true beauty tips.

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